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Bad Girls Season 11 Episodes
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1.) This season starts off at 5:10 pm With The season fight Between Brandy and Chelsea Vs Kendall. Then the season starts with 7 New Wild Girls who head to there mansion In L.A to have a Good time. Later Kendall and Hope are the first to girls to get to the House and they see all the other Pictures and they Write on them and destroy them and they leave and go out and when Emony and Lynn and Chelsea and Brandy and Aubrey get to the House they see what the Other girls did to there Pictures and they decide to meet up with them at the club and they see Kendall and Hope in the Vip and There Trying to Play Friendly but Emony has another thing coming for these girls she just starts Yelling at them right off the Bat and Kendall acts Like she doesn't know what she is Talking about Emony throws Liquor in her Face and Kendall Pushes her and says "DON'T TOUCH ME YOU RAGADY ASS BITCH" and Emony Grabs her Hair and yanks her over the bar table and starts Punching her and the Ladies get Kicked out the Club while in the Limo Hope is Apologizing to everyone mainly Emony because she doesn't want to get her ass beat when the Ladies get Back to the House Aubrey and Lynn here Kendall talking about Emony on the Phone and they tell her and Emony goes into the Phone room and just Pulls Kendall right out the Chair and starts Punching her and Production breaks The fight up.

2.) Chelsea and Brandy start to Really to Clique and Get along well in the House and Aubrey starts to get a Little Jealous and she Tries to Pick with Brandy by Putting Mustard all over Brandy bed and Brandy Unleashes a beast in the House when she starts Screaming and Running threw The House saying "WERE IS THAT BITCH IM A KILL HER" and she finds Aubrey in the Kitchen and Brandy Grabs her Hair and starts Punching her and Aubrey grabs Brandy head and Tries to Put her in a Headlock but Brandy Slammed her to fast and started Punching her in the face and Emony and Lynn broke the fight up and Everyone is Shocked to see how Brandy acts when she is Mad because she seems sweet.

3.) Kendall invites some of her friends from back home over to the Wild girls club House and they bring Men and Liquor and pretty soon people are running around Naked and Destroying the House and Emony goes bananas and starts Throwing everyone out the House and Chelsea backs her up and tries to get everyone out the house and Kendall gets Mad Because those are her friends and she doesn't like Emony treating them like that and Production has to get her friends out and Kendall is so over Emony Thinking That she is a Boss in the House and she Plans on Fighting her and Chelsea and Hope and Brandy and Aubrey and Lynn all just sit back and see whats about to Pop off when Kendall Boils some Water and Throws it in Emony Face while she is Sleep.

4.) Emony wakes up to water in her face and she goes to Put her hair in a Bun and she goes Down stairs to were Kendall is and and Kendall Moved all the Furniture out the way so they can fight and she gets Emony Face and Emony Punches her in the Lip and Kendall grabs her Hair and Emony grabs her Hair and starts Uppercutting her and Kendall falls to the Ground but she still has Emony Hair and Emony is Punching her Forehead in and production breaks the fight up and Kendall is Left with 2 Knots on her Forehead and Production Calls Emony into there Office and watch the Tapes and they decide to Send her Home for The fight.Later The girls are shocked when a New face in Jessica comes to the House and her and Kendall become Best friends and Chelsea wants Jessica out already and brandy is Going to have her Back.
Note(s): Template:Colorbox Emony is removed from the house.
Note(s):Template:Colorbox Jessica becomes a Replacement.

5.) Chelsea tries to Throw Jessica out the House But Jessica is not going anywhere so Chelsea and Brandy start to Bully Jessica buy throwing things her all the time and and destroying her things and Jessica doesn't want to be in the House Being Bullied anymore so she just decides to leave the house on her own. Later Hope is afraid to get on Chelsea and Brandy Bad side Because she doesn't want them to Bully her.
Note(s):Template:Colorbox Jessica voluntarily leaves the house.

6.) The House is Welcomed with yet Another Replacement Wild Girl Named Gigi and she seems Like a Bad ass. Later Aubrey and Lynn and Kendall start to become friends and they start Hanging out and Brandy and Chelsea Pull Gigi into there Clique and Hope doesn't Know what Side of The House she wants to side with.
Note(s):Template:Colorbox Gigi becomes a Replacement.

7.) The Ladies go on a Trip to Miami for a few days and have fun and to Let some of The drama and Beef they Have with each other out and go.Later Gigi Has a Violent Outburst in the Club and Lynn doesn't Like that and she will Confront her when they get back Home to L.A because Doesn't want to Ruin There Trip.

8.) Lynn calls Gigi out about how she Behaves at the Club and Gigi says "BITCH IM GROWN I DON'T NEED YOU TO TELL ME HOW TO ACT" and Lynn says "YES YOU DO IF YOU EMBARRASSING ME HOE" and Gigi Herd the word Hoe and she started Running Upstairs into Lynn room and she gets in her face and Lynn Pushes her and Gigi just Socks her right in the Face and Lynn starts Swinging back and they fall on the Bed and Brandy and Aubrey starts Pulling them Apart and Lynn starts Kicking Gigi in the Face and They Finally get them off each other Gigi is not coming down she wants more she breaks loose and Punches Lynn in the Face and Lynn grabs her Hair but That doesn't Stop Gigi because she is Still Punching and Production breaks the Fight up and they decide to Send Gigi Home for the Fight.
Note(s): Template:Colorbox Gigi is removed from the house.

9.) Everyone gets Ready for there Cast Photo Shoot and Kendall is not in the Mood to see Emony. later the Girls get back Home Only to Find a New face Laura in the House and Laura seems to be Getting along with everyone Hope tries to Pull Laura under her wing so she can have someone to have her Back if the Girls pop off at her.
Note(s):Template:Colorbox Laura becomes a Replacement.

10.) Brandy is Tired of Kendall being In The House so she decides to Pack all her Things and throw them outside and she starts Throwing all kinds of things on Kendall and Kendall just lets her Because she Doesn't want to Fight back until Brandy Burned a Picture of Kendall's Family and Kendall Runs out in the Yard and Punches Brandy in her Face and brandy Grabs her Hair and Tossed her ass to the Ground and started Uppercutting her and Kendall Got Back up on her feet and Grabbed Brandy hair and Gave her a few Punches and Chelsea ran out and Grabbed Kendall Hair from the Back and toss her back to the ground and Chelsea started Punching her and and Aubrey ran to pull Chelsea off and brandy starts dragging Kendall In the Mud by her Hair and Production breaks the Fight but not before Brandy could Kick Kendall in the Head Making the Ambulance Have to be called for her. and The Production were going to send Brandy Home but they Looked over the tapes and saw that Kendall threw the First Hit and they sent her home.
Note(s): Template:Colorbox Kendall is removed from the house.

11.) The New Girl Olivia gets really Tough With Hope and Laura she calls Both of Them Weak and she starts throwing Drinks on them and its Just so Entertaining to Chelsea and Aubrey and Brandy and Lynn to watch to watch and Hope tries to Pull Olivia Hair to stop her and Olivia Snaps and Punches Hope in the face and starts Fighting her and Hope starts Screaming Because she has Never been in a Fight before so she juts Pulls Olivia Hair and Olivia is really Beating her ass so Brandy decides to break the fight up and Hope is Upset that Laura didn't help her and Hope is Over the House and she Just decides to Leave.
Note(s):Template:Colorbox Olivia becomes a Replacement.
Note(s):Template:Colorbox Hope voluntarily leaves the house.

12.) Laura seems to be the Outcast in the House and Chelsea decides to help her out she just calls the Limo service and Packs all of Laura things and tells her that its her Time to Leave the House and Laura doesn't even Care she just goes.
Note(s):Template:Colorbox Laura is Put out The House by Chelsea.

13.) Lynn and Aubrey have been Talking to an old friend and they make arrangements for her to come back to the house and when Kendall gets Back to the House and she wants revenge on Brandy and Chelsea for Jumping her and Aubrey and Lynn are going to help her Jump them so while Chelsea and Brandy and Olivia are sitting outside Kendall comes up behind Chelsea and Pulls her Hair and starts Punching her and Aubrey grabs Chelsea arms and starts Kicking her and Brandy Jumps up and grabs Aubrey's Hair and starts Punching her and Lynn comes up and Yanks Brandy off and starts Punching her and Olivia is trying to break up the fights and Production Finally Broke the fights up. Later Brandy and Chelsea say goodbye and Aubrey and Lynn and Olivia say goodbye.
Note(s):Template:Colorbox Kendall Returned to The House for revenge.