Lucky Spencer
Jonathan Jackson as Lucky Spencer
General Hospital
Portrayed by Jonathan Jackson
(1993 - 1999; 2009 - present)
Jacob Young
(2000 - 2003)
Greg Vaughan
(2003 - 2009)
First appearance October 29, 1993
Created by Claire Labine
Nickname(s) Lucky, Cowboy (Luke's nickname for him)
Gender Male
Occupation Police detective
Residence 24 Royal Street
Port Charles, New York

Lucas Lorenzo "Lucky" Spencer, Jr. is a character on General Hospital. He is the son of legendary supercouple Luke and Laura Spencer. The role was originated by Jonathan Jackson in 1993, he portrayed the character until 1999. Lucky was next played by Jacob Young from 2000 - 2003. Greg Vaughan stepped into the role in 2003, and has played Lucky since then. In September 2009, it was announced that Vaughan had decided to vacate the role because he was seeking other work. Jackson would reprise his role in October 2009. This was a huge shock to all GH fans and it is suspected that Vaughan was actually fired.

Character HistoryEdit

Early YearsEdit

Lucky was born in Texas to Luke and Laura Spencer. He spent the first 10 years of his life moving from place to place with his parents to get away from mobster Frank Smith, his father's former boss and enemy. While living in British Columbia, Canada, the threat to their family began again, so Luke and Laura told Lucky to head to Port Charles on his own; they would meet up with him later. Lucky made it to Port Charles safely and Aunt Ruby hid him at Kelly's. However, Frank Smith's men found him there. Lucky then befriended a boy named Sly Eckert, who hid him in the city's catacombs. Luke and Laura found him there with his cousin after Sly's father Bill Eckert, a dead ringer for Luke, was mistaken for Luke and shot by Frank's men. A few months later, Lucky got shot when he followed his dad to a meeting with a henchman. Fortunately, Lucky made a full recovery. The Spencer Family settled in Port Charles and Lucky was quite happy with his life. He was thrilled when his new baby sister LuLu was born in 1994. His happiness soon came to a halt when he found out his mother had a son by Stavros Cassadine while she was held captive by the Cassadines before he was born. Laura's other son Nikolas arrived in Port Charles with his uncle Stefan and became the anonymous bone marrow donor for their baby sister, LuLu, saving her life when she had aplastic anemia. Lucky instantly disliked Nikolas, who was a rival for their mother's love and attention. This rivalry continued on another level, when Lucky had a crush on Sarah Webber, who was more interested in Nikolas.

First Love & "Death"Edit

Things changed for Lucky when he found Elizabeth Webber, Sarah's sister, in the park Valentines night. Elizabeth was badly bruised and her dress was ripped. Lucky came to her aid and called his Aunt Bobbie for help. Elizabeth told them that she was raped in the park by an unknown man. Lucky started to feel protective of Elizabeth and promised to keep her safe. Lucky and Elizabeth worked together to try to find her rapist. Lucky's world was rocked again when Nikolas blurted out during a fight with Lucky that Luke had raped Laura years ago, before they were married. Lucky thought that Nikolas was lying but was shaken by this information. He confronted his father. Luke didn't deny that he raped Laura and confessed to Lucky what happened that night at the disco. Lucky was disgusted with his father and left the house. He refused to have anything to do with his father and was angry with his mother for allowing his father to get away with it. Laura returned home and tried to explain her reasoning but he refused to accept it. Lucky found a room above Jason Morgan's bike shop to rent in exchange for helping Jason at his shop. Lucky grew closer to Elizabeth during her ordeal and they fell in love. Elizabeth helped Lucky to understand and forgive his parents for not being perfect. Lucky eventually forgave them but wanted to live on his own. Lucky and Liz made plans for the future, including exchanging vows in a church one year after Elizabeth's ordeal. However, their plans were cut short, when a fire broke out at Jason's bike shop one night. A body was found in Lucky's room upstairs with the necklace Lucky had given to Liz, leading everyone to believe that the body was Lucky. Actually, Lucky was alive and being held captive by Cesar Faison, who was hired by Helena Cassadine.

Return & BrainwashedEdit

For almost a year everyone believed Lucky was dead. But before Faison died in a boat explosion, he revealed to Luke that Lucky was alive. Luke investigated this and started finding clues to Lucky's true whereabouts. Helena led Luke and Laura down memory lane as she traveled with Lucky to the Haunted Star, Ice Princess Island, and Texas. Their last destination was in Canada: the Triple L Diner where Luke, Laura, and Lucky had lived before returning to Port Charles. While there, Helena gave Lucky bus fare and turned him loose. When Luke and Laura had figured out the last clues and arrived to get Lucky, he slugged Luke in the face and ran off. It turned out that during the time Lucky was held captive by Faison, Faison had started to program Lucky through mind control. Lucky was instructed under hypnosis to forget about his last days in Port Charles and focus on the disgust he felt for his parents and especially for Luke raping Laura. Lucky returned to Port Charles, but he was under Helena's control. Helena instructed him to push Elizabeth away and encourage her to be with Nikolas, because Nikolas was the one that loved her.

Elizabeth was suspicious of Lucky's behavior and did not believe him. So she continued to have contact with Lucky. Meanwhile Helena continued to use Lucky to do things for her. Lucky's love for Elizabeth kept him from falling deeper under Helena's control and also kept Lucky from pushing Elizabeth totally away. During a conversation between Lucky and his friend Emily Quartermaine, she accidentally spoke Helena's catch phrase for Lucky's programming, "protect your queen," and became the first person to actually witness Lucky's transformation. Emily literally shook him out of the trance but told Lucky what happened to him every time she said that phrase. Finally he realized that he was not himself and that he had been programmed by Faison and Helena. After some initial reluctance, Elizabeth was able to convince Lucky to see Dr. Kevin Collins. Dr. Kevin helped to break down the lower levels of the programming which helped Lucky lose the anger towards his parents. He was able to admit he loved them and advised them that he was under Helena's control. Lucky then continued to fight Helena's control and rebel against her.

When Helena realized that the lower level of control had been broken, she resorted to a higher level involving the use of the Ice Princess diamond. She used the Ice Princess to hypnotize Lucky and instructed him to attack Jason Morgan, who Lucky felt was after Elizabeth romantically. Lucky attacked Jason with a knife on the docks, forcing Jason to defend himself by hitting Lucky several times to get the knife out of his hands. Elizabeth thought that Jason attacked Lucky without cause. Lucky came out of his trance and he didn't remember attacking Jason or why he did it. But he told Liz that Jason started beating on him for no reason. He had some more run-ins with Jason over Elizabeth. Helena gave Lucky a diamond ring (the same ring that Stavros gave to Laura when they were married) to give to Elizabeth and instructed him to propose to her. Lucky complied. Later, Lucky had a run-in with Nikolas at GH. They started fighting in the stairwell, when Nikolas tried to persuade him to get help from Kevin again. Stefan interceded to protect Nikolas from being hurt by Lucky. So instead Lucky hit Stefan in the face and knocked him down a flight of stairs. Nikolas broke up the fight and tried to keep the two apart. Stefan pressed charges and had Lucky arrested for assault at the Port Charles Grille during his engagement party. Realizing that Lucky was under Helena's control again, Luke and Laura tried to help Lucky by getting him to see Dr. Kevin once more. Kevin went to see Lucky in jail and tried to de-program him but wasn't successful. Helena, dressed as a cleaning lady at the jail, put him under her spell and instructed him to start a fire in his cell and escape. Lucky did what Helena asked and managed to escape but later didn't realize how or why. Elizabeth found him and convinced him to get help, telling him what he had done. Helena later instructed Lucky to pour a vial of mysterious liquid in his cousin Lucas' drink at the Brownstone. Lucky did what she asked but then didn't remember doing it later on. After he learned that Lucas was rushed to GH and was in a coma, Lucky felt uneasy and started to feel that he had something to do with it. He agreed to listen to Nikolas and Elizabeth. Lucky and Liz moved into Nikolas' house so that they could keep a better eye on him and keep him from being alone with Helena.

Lucky learned that he had a talent for photography. His cousin Carly recognized his talent and hired him to take pictures of Gia, his brother's girlfriend. Laura realized that his photos of Gia were very good and hired him to take pictures of Liz, who was offered a job at Deception as a model as well. However, Lucky was not immune to Helena's control. She managed to get him alone and put him under her control. He was told that he was one day going to have to get rid of his father and the rest of his family. Lucky resisted her control as much as he could but it was too hard. After Lucky denied making a pass at Gia, Nikolas kicked him out of the cottage. Later on Lucky spotted Nikolas and Elizabeth in conference several times. He told Elizabeth that she was better off with Nikolas.

Helena gave Lucky instructions which led him to her secret lab underneath General Hospital. He found his father Luke there fighting with Stavros and Helena's men. Helena forced Lucky to inject Luke with a virus that would make Luke go crazy and render him useless as an opponent to the Cassadines. Lucky tried to resist and pled with Luke to forgive him before he injected him with the virus. Later, Lucky went to Luke's apartment above the club and wallowed in the feeling that he had done something to hurt Luke. Liz showed up and immediately realized that Helena had got to him again. Lucky realized that he couldn't control himself and broke the engagement off with Elizabeth. He told her to go to Nikolas and be with him. Liz left reluctantly. When Luke showed up alive at the apartment, Lucky asked Luke to help him fight Helena. But it had been days since Luke had been injected with the virus, so he was too out of it to be helpful to Lucky. Suddenly two goons broke into the apartment and took Lucky away kicking and screaming. He recovered and found himself tied up in a chair in a strange room. As Elizabeth emerged he told her to get out of there, but then he realized that she was the one who orchestrated his kidnapping to keep him safe from Helena. Lucky was impressed by her and realized just how much she loved him. They kissed and made up and Lucky agreed to stay put.

Still in the dark about how to trigger Lucky's programming, Nikolas took Helena to where "he" had stashed Lucky and told her to erase his memories of love for Elizabeth. While Elizabeth hid in a closet, Helena pulled out the Ice Princess and told Lucky to forget his love for Elizabeth. It worked and Lucky pushed Elizabeth away. He behaved erratically in the weeks afterward and even pulled Gia into a kiss. Even though he couldn't remember the things Helena had made him do, Lucky still knew Helena and Stavros were his enemies. When Stavros, using the alias Lucien Kane, began sniffing around the newly-single Gia, Lucky warned her to stay away from him but she didn't listen. When she overheard Nikolas tell Helena that he would kill Elizabeth to prove himself to her, Gia tried to get Lucky to help her protect Elizabeth but he refused. However, Lucky later showed up on the Cassadine yacht to accuse Helena of killing Chloe, Luke, and Elizabeth.

When Helena took several Port Charles residents hostage in her underground lab, she gathered all of the captives and revealed her secret weapon: Lucky! She told Lucky the secret trigger phrase but nothing happened. So she pulled out the Ice Princess to get him to focus. But Helena didn't know that Lucky had managed to break through his programming by focusing on his love for Elizabeth. Fists started flying and people started running. Lucky helped Stefan destroy the massive computer system before they fled from the lab. Everyone made it out of lab and Helena was arrested. Lucky went to visit Helena in her cell to gloat over being free from her control and her new status as a jailbird. However the Spencers were flabbergasted to learn weeks later that there was barely any physical evidence to prove that her lab ever existed.

Relationship WoesEdit

Finally free of Helena, Lucky and Liz reunited. However, Helena's memory wipe of Lucky's love for Elizabeth was harder to shake than Lucky had anticipated. Feeling like he owed it to Elizabeth to make her happy, Lucky ignored his lack of love for Elizabeth and proposed to her. They planned a New Year's Eve wedding, but Gia told Liz that Lucky didn't love her anymore and the wedding never took place. They tried to start over and fall in love again but it was slow going. When Gia and Elizabeth were injured in a car wreck, Lucky stayed by Elizabeth's side at the hospital. Nikolas invited them to move into Wyndemere with Gia and him and they agreed. Elizabeth's newly-returned sister Sarah also moved in with them and the sexual tension between Lucky and Sarah began to grow. Lucky was temporarily distracted by the fact that Nikolas secretly helped Helena escape to protect Gia's secret guilt in the car accident. Lucky declared a new Cassadine/Spencer war but agreed not to tell Elizabeth the truth regarding the accident. When she finally remembered what had happened, she severed her friendship with Nikolas and Gia and broke up with Lucky.

When the brothers briefly reunited to search for a presumed dead Carly, Nikolas tried to explain why he had helped Helena. But Lucky didn't want to hear it. Still wrapped up in his feelings for Sarah, Lucky was shocked to discover that Maxie wanted to take him to bed. He tried to let her down gently but she felt humiliated despite his efforts. In retaliation,Maxie told Elizabeth that she had seen Sarah and Lucky headed towards his room. Elizabeth found them there in bed together and told them off for sneaking around behind her back. Lucky and Sarah tried to have a relationship in the open, but Sarah was jealous of Lucky's concern for Liz's safety. The last straw was when Lucky ran to Liz's side after she was involved in an explosion while being rescued from a crypt. Sarah broke up with Lucky and left town not long after.

Laura's BreakdownEdit

Lucky went back to being a photographer for Deception. His parents had reunited and planned to have a wedding in late summer. As Laura planned the wedding, she began to have flashbacks of a night in the attic of her childhood home. Luke then poked around in the attic for clues and discovered an old camera with film still in it. He took it to his son, and Lucky was able to develop it. The first picture he developed was of a young Scott Baldwin covered in blood. While Luke pursued the new lead, Lucky managed to get another picture to develop. Before Lucky could discern what was in the photo, Luke realized what it was and took off in search of Laura.

When Luke and Laura didn't show up for their wedding, Lucky and Nikolas grew worried and went to the attic to search for clues. Instead, they found Rick Webber, Laura's stepfather, dead on the floor. Worried that Luke had killed him, they put Rick's body in his car, covered him in booze, and then pushed the car off a cliff to make it look like a drunk-driving accident. But Scott and Mac knew right away that it was staged. Lucky was also haunted by what he had done to Rick's body. While the boys evaded being arrested, they worried about their mother and speculated about what had happened in the attic. Lucky was relieved when Luke finally called but Nikolas was worried for Laura's safety. Against Lucky's wishes, Nikolas told Scott the couple's whereabouts but the couple had already left by the time they got there. Mac and Scott finally caught up to the couple when they returned to the attic. Lucky and Nikolas were devastated to learn that their mother had had a severe mental breakdown. They went to see her in the hospital, but she had retreated so far into herself that she believed she was still a teenager and didn't recognize them as her children. They said a tearful goodbye to her before she was committed to a mental institution.

Scott arrested Luke for Rick's death and Lucky tried to get Luke to let him break him out of jail. But Luke refused and had Nikolas help him instead. Lucky worried when his father disappeared for awhile, especially when a copy of Luke's will arrived on his doorstep. Elizabeth and Lucky managed to find Luke working on a chain gang in the south and brought him home kicking and screaming. Lucky did his best to keep Luke out of trouble. But Luke was determined to punish himself for Laura's condition. He set fire to the police station and would have died if Lucky had not run in and saved him. Luke began seeing a therapist on Scott's order and Lucky tried to get on with his life.

Summer HollowayEdit

He met a beautiful blonde named Laura while enrolling in some college courses. They met on various occasions and a friendship grew between them. He learned that she was a former high-priced call girl trying to make a fresh start. But a powerful former client wouldn't let go. He beat her and had her arrested. So Lucky blackmailed Scott into helping her dispose of the man. After the incident, Lucky and Laura's friendship blossomed into something more, although it took her awhile to get used to being with a guy who didn't pay her. One day, Lucky saw Luke and "Laura" together. In turned out that Laura, whose professional name was Summer, was Luke's mystery blonde. Lucky got upset and believed that she'd been playing them both for suckers, hoping to gain financially from them. But they decided to keep Luke in the dark about knowing each other. When Scott discovered the truth, he gleefully told a shocked Luke. Luke tried to get Lucky and Summer back together. But they still had problems, and Summer returned to being a call girl. Lucky later discovered that Nikolas had hired Summer to distract Luke from trying to find their mother. Lucky told Luke and confronted Nikolas. Summer told Luke that Nikolas had blackmailed her into portraying a look-a-like Laura but she had met Lucky by mistake. Lucky, Luke, and Summer then embarked on an adventure to locate Summer's brother Matt. When they found him he revealed he wasn't Summer's brother before dying from a stab wound. Summer confirmed that she was only looking for Matt, her ex-boyfriend, so that he would tell her where the money he had stolen from the Cassadines was hidden. They got arrested for Matt's murder and Nikolas showed up to bail them out, although Luke refused to leave with them. Their adventure ended in a tunnel underneath an old Cassadine estate in Russia where the money was supposed to be buried. But the money had been replaced by worthless coins so they returned to Port Charles empty handed.

Back in Port Charles, Summer finally admitted she loved Lucky and she became a waitress at Kelly's so she could move into the room across from his. When Lucky finally went to see his mother at the mental institution, Summer went with him. Luke blamed Lucky for giving Nikolas complete control over Laura's medical treatment and got into a physical fight with Lucky over it. Summer knocked Luke out to end the altercation, but Luke later showed up at Lucky's after being given drugs at the hospital. He was delusional and believed Summer was Laura. She went along with it, but when Lucky showed up Luke ran away. Later Summer helped Lucky trick Luke into being committed to a mental hospital. At Nikolas and Emily's engagement party at Wyndemere, Summer was walking out on the bluffs in the heavy fog when she was pushed from behind. Nikolas and Lucky rushed to the bottom to discover that the fall had killed her. Lucky was devastated and vowed to find the person responsible. When Luke showed up at the party, Lucky attacked a shocked Luke and accused him of being responsible for Summer's death. Alexis theorized that Luke didn't do it and that Emily was the intended victim since she had also been out there that evening. However, no one else believed that Luke was innocent. Lucky later learned that one of the servants on the island that night had since disappeared and he believed that servant was the one who pushed Summer off the cliff.

Believing Stefan was responsible for Summer's death, Lucky tried to urge Mac to work harder in finding evidence to arrest him. But Mac told him to back off or become a cop and look into the case himself. So Lucky went to the academy and became a cop. He worked with Nikolas' new bride Lydia to secretly tape Stefan discussing how he had hired Darius to push Emily off the cliff, but Darius had pushed the wrong girl. The tape got Stefan arrested, but it didn't keep him in jail. Luke came back to town, extremely unhappy to hear that Lucky had become a cop. Luke then brought his own brand of justice to Stefan by kidnapping him and holding a mock trial that he broadcasted on TV. Lucky was later forced to arrest Luke after he fought with Stefan and Stefan wound up with a knife in the chest. Luke managed to escape and Lucky tracked him to Skye's lake house. Skye then knocked him out to keep Luke hidden. The charges against Luke were later dropped when Nikolas discovered a suicide note left behind by Stefan. Luke was free but the rift between father and son still existed. They had a brief moment of closeness around the holidays, but Luke continued to live his life apart from his son.

Lucky as a CopEdit

Lucky had a hard time adjusting to being a cop. He was investigated and later cleared after he shot Dillon Quartermaine following an altercation between Sage and Alexis. When Sonny barricaded himself in the penthouse after trying to kill Alcazar in front of several witnesses, Lucky tried to behave like a cop but ended up helping a wounded Sonny and a hysterical Carly out of the building. When the body of Cody McCall was found in the tunnels of Wyndemere, Ric had Nikolas arrested for murder. Lucky pushed hard to get Ric to find the real killer, even when Ric pulled him off the case. Lucky suspected Ric of having an ulterior motive for getting Nikolas convicted, and after he realized that Zander was actually pulling Ric's strings, Lucky conferred with Nikolas on how to go after Zander and Ric for trying to frame Nikolas. Nikolas was later cleared of all charges and Lucky became involved in the hunt for Zander, who was named as the one who shot Detective Beck during a shoot out with mob members.

The Quartermaines and Cassadines auctioned off the treasure from the sunken ship, and Lucky showed up as extra security during the event. But the treasure was stolen anyways. While Lucky detained all the patrons for questioning, news reached the room that a fire had broken out in the basement of the hotel. Lucky then helped coordinate the rescue efforts. While trying to find a way out with Luke, he was nearly killed by a falling beam. But Cameron Lewis, Luke's therapist, pushed Lucky out of the way and died instead. Nearly everyone was evacuated, but others were missing, including Nikolas. Lucky and Emily feared the worst, but Nikolas showed up alive a few days later. A body found in the room where the fire broke out was identified as Zander, but the autopsy showed he was dead before the fire consumed his body. Elizabeth finally admitted to a confrontation with Zander that ended in her knocking him out, making her the murderer. As Lucky, Emily, Nikolas, and Ric vowed to cover up Elizabeth's involvement, evidence began to surface that Zander was really alive. Zander emerged from hiding and took Emily hostage in an effort to force her to love him again. Lucky tried to negotiate with Zander to release Emily and Zander eventually agreed. As they walked out of the cottage, Zander made a threatening move and the cops opened fire on him. Zander died in Emily's arms. Nikolas, who was on the way home from a cancelled business trip, ran his car off the road after hearing that Zander had taken Emily hostage. Lucky and Emily worked hard to search for him. But after a few weeks, they were forced to conclude that Nikolas had drowned in a nearby river. Lucky tried to comfort Emily and supported her while she grieved and planned a memorial. At the memorial, Lucky watched as Helena cursed everyone in the room for Nikolas's death and then Luke got up to stop her. The pair began to grow close again as Emily leaned on him during her grief for Nikolas and for a sick Michael.

Marriage to Elizabeth, Jake & SamEdit

In 2005, Lucky and Elizabeth began their romance again. Elizabeth was now a nurse at General Hospital and had a son, Cameron Webber, fathered by Zander Smith. Before Lucky and Elizabeth married, Elizabeth chose to become a surrogate mother for Jasper and Courtney Jacks. Lucky did not approve and took a break from their relationship. After a car accident, Elizabeth miscarried. Lucky helped her through her pain, and they began a rocky marriage. Elizabeth was kidnapped by Manny Ruiz in 2006, and Jason rescued her once again. In 2006, Lucky became addicted to painkillers and began an affair with Maxie Jones, his pill supplier. Elizabeth discovered Lucky's infidelity, sought comfort from Jason Morgan, and became pregnant. Lucky, believing the baby was his, went to rehab while he and Elizabeth divorced. A paternity test revealed that Jason fathered her unborn child. Elizabeth kept the truth a secret to protect the child from Jason's dangerous lifestyle and to keep Lucky from suffering the devastation that she believed would cause him to relapse. After Lucky completed rehab, Elizabeth remarried him.

After Elizabeth committed perjury in Jason's murder trial, she and Ric had a confrontation where she accused him of holding onto his vendetta against Sonny and Jason, and he accused her of being blind to who Jason is. Elizabeth helped Ric with issues regarding his ex-girlfriend, Marianna, who was in the country illegally, and Ric attempted to keep Elizabeth's relationship with Jason a mystery to Anthony Zacchara in order to protect her. However, they are rarely friendly with each other as Elizabeth finally ceased to trust him. In May 2007, Elizabeth gave birth to another son, Jacob Martin Spencer. Elizabeth sought Jason when Jake was kidnapped and continued to seek his company even after their son was found. Lucky was jealous and began an affair with Sam McCall as payback. Elizabeth and Lucky divorced again. In November 2007, during the Black and White Ball, Lucky discovered the truth about Jake's paternity and agreed to keep the paternity a secret to protect Jake. After Emily Quartermaine's death and funeral, Jason and Elizabeth began a secret relationship. They became engaged, but Jason later decided that his job was too dangerous for Elizabeth and her children, and he called off their relationship. Elizabeth decided to fight to be in Jason's life, but he was adamant that he could not give her what she deserves. Jason invited Elizabeth to go with him to Italy, but after he witnessed the shooting of Sonny's fiancee, Kate Howard, Jason once again feared for Elizabeth's safety and tried to use this incident to scare her into abandoning a relationship with him. In November 2008, a mob war began heating up in Port Charles. Lucky asked Jason to agree to send Elizabeth and the boys, along with Sam, to hide in a cabin.

A New StartEdit

In early 2009, Elizabeth was poisoned while assisting in surgery. Lucky stayed by her bedside and promised to be there for her boys if she did not make it. An explosion that caused a fire led to an evacuation of the hospital. Although Elizabeth wanted him to leave with her, Lucky stayed behind to help. They kissed goodbye before Elizabeth was put on the helicopter. Lucky was later reunited with Elizabeth at Mercy hospital. Then, they agreed that although they would always share a friendship and love, they should move forward and not get romantically involved again.

When Lucky started to date Rebecca Shaw, it bothered both Nikolas and Elizabeth. Nikolas, trying to get Lucky and Rebecca jealous, kissed Elizabeth at the hospital in front of them. That night, Elizabeth and Nik went to Jake's and got drunk. In the midst of talking about Lucky, Rebecca, Emily and their friendship with each other, they started to kiss, witnessed by Rebecca and Lucky. Lucky stormed out and went back to Rebecca's room at Kelly's. They were about to make love when Lucky stopped because he kept thinking about Elizabeth. Back at the bar, Coleman Ratcliffe informed Elizabeth and Nikolas that Lucky and "Emily the sequel chick" witnessed the kiss, causing Elizabeth to feel slightly guilty. Lucky went to see Elizabeth where they talked about the kiss he witnessed and how he almost slept with Rebecca. Lucky points out that they agreed to move on, but they both know that it doesn't seem to be working for either one of them. They decided to go forward with a relationship, but Elizabeth still finds herself increasingly attracted to Lucky's brother Nikolas. After Jake is injured at the carnival Lucky proposes to Elizabeth again in the hospital, but she tells him she has to think about it. She leaves Jake at the hospital and goes to Wyndemere to see Nikolas. Elizabeth later returns to the hospital and accepts Lucky's proposal.

During this time and confusion between Lucky, Nikolas, Elizabeth and Rebecca, a stranger and con man arrives in town, named Ethan Lovett, and is discovered to be the son of Luke Spencer and Holly Sutton making him Lucky and Lulu's brother. As Lucky had become separate and so different from his father, seeing Ethan made Lucky quite jealous. Ethan and Lulu became quite close after learning they are siblings, but Lucky hates this new brother, but is getting closer to Ethan and treating him more as a brother, including inviting Ethan to his and Elizabeth's engagement party.


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